Waterjet Cutting
003AWC’s premium Techni waterjet cutter provides precision CNC cutting at the highest accuracy of motion in the industry. The use of high pressure water mixed with abrasive eliminates heat allowing the cutting of almost any material without distortion or warping. This state of the art technology cuts smooth, precise edges in any two dimensional shape from DXF files and its ability to tightly nest parts helps eliminate as much wastage as possible. The final result is a satin-edged finish reducing secondary operations allowing a fast turnaround from concept to final product.

Below is a list of some of the industry and material specific applications we cater for.
Exotic Metals 
Ideal for all Metals including:
•    Stainless Steel
•    Tool Steel
•    Aluminium
•    Brass
•    Copper
•    Titanium
•    Nickle
•    Alloys
•    Laminates like Kelvar
Ideal for:
•    Custom Border Tiles
•    Floor and Wall Inlays
•    Kitchen and Vanity Benchtops
•    Custom Stepping Stones
•    Motel and Motel Floor and other Architectural Applications
Ideal for:
•    Flooring inlay / tabletop inlay / wall inlay
•    Flat glass with numerous contours
•    Stained glass (crafts, church mosaics, lamp shades, etc.)
Foam & Rubber 
Ideal for:
•    Custom foam packaging
•    Automotive interior/body (door components, instrument panels, etc.)
•    Dense foams (sound insulation, vibration isolation, archery targets, etc.)
•    Natural Rubber, Plastics, Cork, etc
Wood Ideal for:
•    Cutting of most types of wood in any shape and as it cuts the abrasive sands the surface eliminating the need for further sanding when finished.
Other Industry applications 
Ideal for:
•    Signs- Any lettering style and logo can be cut in any material
•    Architectural- perfect for cutting out custom architectural design elements
•    Art Installations
Design and CAD Drawing
AWC offers custom design and full drawing services if required.  Our experienced team will work closely with you to take your initial idea, sketch or prototype and develop it through to a DXF drawing ready for cutting. All drawings are then saved in our system and are readily available for any repeat orders saving time and money for returning customers.
Software we work with:
•    Solidworks
•    Autocad
•    Corel Draw

Full Fabrication/Engineering services
AWC has the added benefit of working in conjunction with Darryl Smith Stainless Fabrications who specialises in custom sheet metal fabrication. Their experienced team of fully qualified tradesmen can provide full fabrication and engineering services for those customers requiring a one- stop- shop service.  This type of service reduces cost, ensures quality is maintained every step of the way and helps to speed up the production process.  DSSF also has a wide range of Stainless steel, mildsteel and aluminium in stock.
Fabrication/Engineering services include:
•    Plate rolling
•    Brake press
•    Guillotining
•    Sectional rolling
•    Spot welding
•    Welding Stainless, Aluminium, Mild steel